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We strongly recommend purchasing your new bathroom using the advice of a bathroom specialist. Bathroom retailers generally have in-house designers as well as experienced staff who understand the potential technical pit falls around fitting and commissioning a new bathroom. They will often be able to recommend good, qualified fitters also. We also strongly recommend that prior to purchasing our products, you seek professional advice regarding the products compatibility with your existing water supply and waste connections. Please call the office for a list of the retailers that we work with.


Prior to installation all products should be carefully inspected for any faults. If dimensions are critical to the project, items should be physically checked in the space or against any additional products before proceeding.

Despite our high quality manufacturing standards our sanitaryware is subject to dimensional variations due to the ceramic manufacturing process. All sizes quoted in our brochure and or website are nominal and may vary +/- 2%.

Products must be installed in accordance with fitting guidelines, current UK Water Regulations and recognised installation practices.


Appropriate cleaning guidelines are stated in this brochure and also on the website. These must be adhered to. Failure to do so may invalidate product guarantees.


All prices quoted in this brochure are inclusive of 20% VAT, in the event of a change to the current rate our pricing will change accordingly.

It is necessary from time to time to review our pricing structure, we therefore reserve the right where necessary to amend our retail prices.

Your terms and conditions of sale are with the retailer from whom you purchased your products.


We are immensely proud of the product that we manufacture at Silverdale. It is manufactured by hand and checked at all stages to ensure that the quality passes our exacting standards and that it reaches you in perfect condition.

All products received should be thoroughly checked for any possible damage that may have occurred during transit.

If you believe that damage has occurred you should report this to the retailer from where you originally purchased the goods within 24 hours of receipt of the delivery.

We are confident that it will give you many years of pleasure and service. However in the unlikely event that you experience any manufacturing defect or a claim under the guarantee, confirmed by Silverdale, we will offer to replace the item free of charge. If the exact product is no longer available then an equivalent product will be issued. Any manufacturing defect on the product should be reported at point of receipt and not after the product has been fitted. Silverdale cannot accept liability of any defect that was evident before the installation process or that may have occurred during the fitting.

Our warranty is in addition to your consumer statutory rights and does not affect those in any way. It is important to follow our fitting instructions during the installation process and to use the care instructions outlined. Failure to do so many result in a void warranty claim.

Any claim under the guarantee must be first reported to the retailer where you purchased the goods from and must be accompanied with the original proof of purchase. We reserve the right to request supporting photographic evidence and the opportunity to inspect the product as installed. Any broken product removed from its installation should be stored for inspection by our staff.

The guarantee covers product supplied for installation into domestic premises in the UK and Ireland only. It may be transferred to a subsequent purchaser of the premises in which the product is initially installed however it will not apply if the product is re-installed elsewhere.

Commercial applications- a 12 month guarantee applies to all products with the exception of sanitaryware which still comes with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. This guarantee does not extend to any item rendered defective by faulty installation, where modifications have been made, inappropriate use and accidental or malicious damage after purchase, nor does it cover general wear and tear.

Liability is limited to the product supplied and does not cover associated installation costs, consequential loss or damage claims.


Our ceramic products have a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. Sizes supplied are guaranteed to a 2% dimensional tolerance. Vitreous China is hard wearing but brittle. It should not be put under any stress during the installation of brassware and wastes. Overtightened fittings can cause a failure on installation or after a period of time has elapsed. Where handcrafted sanitaryware meets a machined surface such as bathroom furniture or work surfaces a bead of silicone will be required to conceal small gaps between the two items.

Ceramic glazed finishes do require regular cleaning to prevent build up of lime scale and water deposits. This should be done using only clean warm soapy water and a small amount of non-abrasive cream cleaner using a soft cloth. Do not use any abrasive cleaners and ensure the surfaces are rinsed thoroughly with clean water after the cleaning process.


Cistern internals are supplied with a guarantee period of 2 years from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects. All Silverdale cisterns are designed and tested to flush correctly at six litres in accordance to European Standards. Cisterns are supplied with the appropriate flushing valves, levers and pipes to ensure this and we cannot accept responsibility where fittings have been incorrectly installed or substituted.


Cast iron baths carry a 20 year guarantee against manufacturing defects from the date of purchase. The manufacture of cast iron baths is a highly industrial and difficult process of fusing enamel onto red hot cast iron. As such it may produce slight ripples, dimples and black specks on the internal surface of the bath. These are entirely normal and will not affect the performance of the bath or its longevity. With minimum care and attention, your bath will give you many years of luxurious enjoyment. To keep your bath looking good, rinse it thoroughly after use and dry using a soft cloth as any accumulation of limescale and soap scum can have an adverse effect on the enamel surface. Dripping taps should be avoided, and clean the surface regularly with a soft cloth and a non-abrasive, non-acidic cleaner.


From the date of purchase a two year guarantee period is offered against manufacturing defects on all of our toilet seats and their related components. Do not use abrasive cleaning products or any products that contain chlorine, alcohol or acids as these may cause yellow staining and or peeling of the toilet seat material. Once you have cleaned the seat with warm soapy water and a soft cloth, please ensure that the seat is wiped down with a damp clean cloth. We advise to leave the seat lid up whenever any strong products have been used to clean the WC and may be left in the bowl of the pan to ensure that the vapours do not damage the seat. As wood is a natural material it is subject to colour and grain variations from product to product. The colour of natural wood will also mature and therefore change over time.


The hand produced method of manufacture may result in slight surface detail imperfections. We do however guarantee them against manufacturing defect for 2 years from date of purchase. All surfaces that are Chrome, gold or nickel plated should be subject to regular cleaning using a soft cloth and mild soapy water. You will need to ensure that the stand is wiped clean with water and then dried with a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners, pads or harsh cleaning agents containing alcohol, bleach, acids, vinegar, ammonia or antibacterial ingredients. As gold is a soft metal please note that it can be easily damaged by cleaning products and be depleted by excessive rubbing, even with a soft cloth. Nickel is classed as a 'Living Finish' therefore will have no protective coating and form a natural patina that will age naturally. The surface patina will darken in areas that are infrequently handled or in contact with towels and appear highlighted in those that are frequently handled or in contact with towels.


• Download our Installation Recommendations for Ceramic Floor and Wall Tiles PDF

Our tiles have been manufactured from the finest ceramic materials. Slight shade variation is an inherent feature of ceramic tiles and adds to their beauty. Before fixing tiles it is important to take them from different boxes and lay them out to ensure shade differences are evenly distributed.

If excessive shade variation is present, tiles must be returned prior to fixing. No claims for variation of shade can be accepted after they have been fixed. No guarantee is given against variation in shade, pattern of different batches and against crazing. The surface of crackle tiles is manufactured to give a crazed/crackle look synonymous with tiles manufactured from the early 20th century.

We recommend that these tiles are sealed using a suitable sealant to prevent moisture absorption into the tile which will appear in and change the crackled effect. We recommend that tiles are fixed in accordance with the advice contained in the British Standard BS5385 Code of Practice and our guidelines that are available on our website in our technical specifications page. Unfortunately we are unable to offer any re stocking on tiles. Please order quantities accordingly and give consideration to both scrap lost through cutting and keeping a few extra for potential remedial work should it be required.


Our furniture and worktops are supplied with a 2 year guarantee period against manufacturing defects from the date of purchase.

Where necessary we supply templates to assist with any cutting that may be required on installation of furniture or worktops. Correct and accurate use of these templates is essential. Please familiarise yourself with them and how they apply before commencement of fitting. Inaccurate cutting or use of these templates may result in items not fitting correctly.

All bathroom furniture will deteriorate through an extended time frame of exposure to high levels of condensation and all bathrooms must have the appropriate ventilation systems fitted to avoid this. The furniture is manufactured from a material that is not suitable for prolonged contact with water and is not recommended for a wet room environment, to minimize this risk we would suggest that the base of the cabinet and the back wall are sealed with suitable sealant.

Our painted furniture range is manufactured from Grade A MDF and is finished using a high quailty 2PAC paint system.

Cleaning of furniture and worktops should be with warm water or pH neutral cleaner with a soft clean cloth. Water and cleaning solutions should be wiped dry from the product. Never use an abrasive cloth, chlorine, caustic, acid or alkaline based cleaners.

To avoid damage in transit our worktops are not prefixed to the cabinets, once in situ we suggest that you fix the two items together using suitable glue such as 'TEC 7.'



Our Victorian and Berkeley ranges of brassware work from 0.2 to 4/5 bars therefore will operate on either low or high pressure systems. Before purchasing and installation please obtain professional advice as to the suitability of both your hot and cold water supply systems.

Brassware is guaranteed for 5 years against manufacturing defects from the date of purchase. Nickel and gold plated surfaces along with all moving parts such as O rings, valves and seals which are subject to normal wear and tear carry a 12 month guarantee period.

All surfaces that are Chrome, gold or nickel plated should be subject to regular cleaning using a soft cloth and mild soapy water. You will need to ensure that the brassware is wiped clean with water and then dried with a soft cloth.

Do not use abrasive cleaners, pads or harsh cleaning agents containing alcohol, bleach, acids, vinegar, ammonia or antibacterial ingredients. As gold is a soft metal please note that it can be easily damaged by cleaning products and be depleted by excessive rubbing, even with a soft cloth.


Though we take care to ensure that our gold and nickel finishes match across the range, due to the wide variety of base materials and finishing techniques required we cannot guarantee an exact match.

Any plated product in either gold or nickel is classed as a special order therefore Silverdale are unable to accept returns on any product unless it is deemed faulty under warranty.


In the interest of continual design, development and product improvement we reserve the right to amend or adjust specifications at any time.